Hemp Frog Testimonials

Hemp Frog products are the best! I use the 750 mg salve in my massage therapy practice, and it never disappoints. It eases joint pain in arthritic hands, calms neck spasms, and even helps severely cracked skin. I get reports back from happy customers on how much better they sleep after taking the tincture before bed. All their products are organically grown and completely reliable in their healing qualities. I am proud to carry this locally sourced product. Thank you, Hemp frog!

Andrea T

Wholesome Journey Massage

I have had plantar fasciitis for over two years. PT alone was not helping. I tried everything, then I was introduced to the Hemp Frog salve, and felt so much relief. My husband has back pain and is waiting for an injection to relieve the nerve pain.
In the meantime, the mint salve is providing him relief. Thank you for a wonderful product!

Faith M

I have found that hemp frog products’ topical use alleviates pain in my joints and muscles within 30 minutes. I use it personally for musculoskeletal pain, osteoarthritis joint pain, and pain caused by compressed nerves from my spine. I also use the Hemp Frog balm for post muscle soreness after an intense workout to rest, recover, and sleep. Hemp frog products can treat many types of chronic pain. The topical use of Hemp Frog Balm, salve, and lotion can quickly decrease local inflammation and inhibit the inflammatory response of neuropathic pain.

Instead of relying on prescription-strength anti-inflammatory products or prescription muscle relaxers, I prefer and recommend using Hemp Frog balm. Having the option of a topical application of Hemp Frog Balm with no adverse side effects from prescription-strength medications is invaluable.

Maggie D

Physical Therapist

I would absolutely recommend Hemp Frog for many reasons! I recently had a few bruised ribs and used the Hemp Frog lotion with amazing results; the pain eased off almost immediately. I also use oil for anxiety; it has helped with my sleeping patterns as well! Try this fantastic organic and locally grown herb, knowing it will
heal many things!

Donna F

The balm is quite effective. I use it on clients with swollen, red, painful lower legs and feet. Both times after 50 minutes temperature improved to normal, and his legs pigmentation cost about 300 dollars a tube. Thanks for an excellent and inexpensive remedy!

Magdalena D

The oils from Hemp Frog have helped me so much. From detox to anxiety symptoms, this CBD alleviates it all; thank you!

Heather M

I have Rheumatoid Arthritis, and I have tried everything, then found CBD. Hemp Frog has helped me on my worst days. So thankful for this product.

Marsha H